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Stephen Townsend, Toastmaster

Stephen Townsend, Toastmaster

Telephone: 07947 605074
About Stephen:

My aim as a toastmaster is to ensure the smooth and seamless running of my client’s special occasion be it either a wedding, corporate event or birthday party. I provide support and advice on the planning, hosting and organisation of their event should they so desire.

All my clients are safe in the knowledge that their special day is being conducted in a discreet and courteous manner, leaving them to relax and enjoy their special occasion confident in the knowledge that they have engaged a competent and professionally qualified toastmaster, director of people, diplomat, announcer, compère and Master of Ceremonies.

My career started approximately 20 years ago as a Director of Ceremonies which led me to become a Provincial Director of Ceremonies for 'The Province of Warwickshire'. With the confidence and experience this gave me I was able to progress and become a member of the Circle of Toastmasters.

I have the experience and ability to assist clients with any function whether it be a Wedding, Civic and Civil Occasion, Diplomatic and Corporate event, Gala Banquet or Dinner, Garden or Cocktail Party, Birthday and Family Celebration, Charitable Event, Opening Ceremony, Trade Show and Conference, Military Event and Dinner, Masonic Dinner and Ladies Festival, Sporting presentation, and many more.

If you need a toastmaster with a good voice, dignified appearance, very warm personality, sharp eye for detail, intelligent approach, a strong awareness of the importance of teamwork at any event and one who is willing to travel to any location within the UK and Overseas then please contact me.

Stephen Townsend

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