The Circle of Toastmasters. Professional toastmasters, available for a range of events such as weddings, public speaking, ethnic weddings, corporate events, conferences, award ceremonies, formal occasions, functions, compere, etc.


Des Richards, Toastmaster

Des Richards, Toastmaster

Telephone: 07799 475122
Website: -
About Des:

Des is a fully trained Toastmaster and a member of the ‘Circle of Toastmasters’.

He is confident in his approach and will support you with sound advice on etiquette and protocol to ensure your event or function is a great success.

Being one of the youngest and friendliest toastmasters on the circuit he brings a bright new flexible approach which enables him to be in tune with his host’s individual requirements.

Des has a background in the Royal Air Force, experience as a Master of Ceremonies and has worked in the entertainment industry. This experience works hand-in-glove with his calm and patient personality to bring control, organisation and customer service to the forefront of your special occasion.

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